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Who We Are

SNAM Automobiles Industries Co. is the Kingdoms first vehicle manufacturing company with a ‘National Pride Mission’.

Our National Pride mission is the development of a sustainable and integrated national automotive industry

SNAM is working with and Korean Automotive Company to:

  • Establish an efficient supply chain in the kingdom
  • Localize product development and engineering

SNAM worked for more than a decade conducting necessary research, feasibility studies as well as in depth studies for all industries, factories, companies and institutions that are related directly or indirectly to the automotive industry. Furthermore, SNAM has communicated with the leading global automotive manufacturers to understand and specify all requirements for the establishment of the automobile industry in the KSA. To guarantee that the automotive industry would be economically feasible for all involved parties, SNAM has adopted a win-win approach for all parties.

In this sense, SNAM determined the following strategic objectives:

  • Produce an automobile under manufacturing license with international brand
  • Produce an automobile with a domestic brand based on international brand
  • Establish and found local suppliers in Saudi Arabia for automotive parts
  • Localization and Saudization of the industry through international training and education
  • Transfer technology and establish centers for research and development in the automotive industry locally

Mission & Values

  • SNAM Project is a break-through mega development and industrialization mission.
  • SNAM has brought together a global consortium of leading and committed steel suppliers, leading parts suppliers, plant construction, automotive and plant engineering companies.
  • SNAM project has attracted financial investment from Leading and Global Tier1 & Tier2 parts suppliers.
  • SNAM Project is paving the way for a complete “Local Content”, targeting 60-70% of all automotive industries inputs by 2030.
  • SNAM Project has set solid industrialization and Saudization programs starting 2024 for direct and indirect employment.
  • SNAM project has established institutional on-job training and international development programs.
  • SNAM vehicles model is to be sold in the market by 2024.